Units charter

On 27 February 2018, the Ministry of Education and Research adopted the charter for Unit—the Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research.

Article 1 Purpose
The name of the government agency is Unit—the Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research. The agency will contribute to the attainment of sector objectives for the research and higher education, as these are applied at any given time. The agency is a national coordinating body with top administrative oversight in terms of ICT. The agency has the authority to make decisions within their focus areas, cf. Article 4.

Article 2 Organization
The agency is an administrative body under the Ministry of Education and Research. The agency’s headquarters are located in Trondheim.

Article 3 Director
The agency’s top executive is the director. The Ministry of Education and Research will appoint a director for a fixed term of six years, with the option to renew the contract for an additional six years.

Article 4 Primary functions

  • The agency will implement and follow up on the Ministry of Education and Research’s strategies and guidelines for higher education and research and pursue initiatives from the higher education and research sectors and other relevant stakeholders, such as the institute and health sectors.
  • The agency will manage portfolios for the coordination and monitoring of national development projects and joint services.
    The agency will develop and manage joint ICT architecture for the harmonization and standardization of processes, data and technical interfaces in the higher education sector, and facilitate for coordination with other relevant stakeholders.
  • The agency will work closely with infrastructure companies on service development and in the management of general strategies, as well as facilitate for constructive utilization of joint expertise and resources.
  • The agency will provide joint services to secure both the administration and the execution of education and research, and to allow for research in several sectors to be seen in context.
  • The agency will provide library-related joint services to all sectors associated with higher education and research, including the National Library of Norway. These services shall, to the greatest extent possible, be available to the entire population.
  • The agency will provide joint administrative systems and services to the higher education sector.
  • The agency will establish and maintain a database for reporting scientific publications to the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Article 5 User involvement
To protect the needs and interests of the institutions, arrangements shall be made for appropriate and binding user involvement, including definite involvement both from institutions in higher education and research, as well as other users of relevant services, such as institutions in the health sector.

Article 6 Financing
The agency is financed by annual grants through the National Budget and user fees unless otherwise instructed in the budgeting process and governmental letters of allocation.

The agency may take on assignments funded by other parties, provided such assignments furthers the agency’s primary purpose.

Article 7 Rights and obligations
The agency owns its own products and rights.

Article 8 Amendments to the charter
Amendments to the charter may be made by the Ministry of Education and Research.

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